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Paid upfront for 1 yr membership not knowing Fit4Life was NOT military friendly. After 7 months of being patient all that I have received is disrespect from District Manager and Corporate office after seeking refund due to major service related medical issue.

Told it was pre-exisiting injury from Corporate then 2 months later that there is only a 3-day window to apply for refund from the District Manager. Neither of these explanations make any sense since the injury was after signing up and the 3-day refund policy was crossed out on the contract by former GM of the facility (Cameron). Why would I sign contract and pay in full knowing refund is not available after 3-days? Why not just pay monthly knowing if something happens, I can get out of the contract without financial loss?

Does not make sense. Company and their representatives will not provide in-writing why they are refusing refund.

Deceptive, fraudulent representation, and plain not military friendly. In the processes of suing and contacting local media to bring light their terrible business and customer service practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fit4Life Health Clubs Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Poor judgement ladies and gentlemen. Get your facts straight before you try and bad mouth this gym.

Fit4Life does offer military and police officer discounts.

Nice try!!! I have been coming to this gym for 3 years and I’m military and have the military discount.


Fit4Life is military friendly. They offer $29.99 a month for military. Anyone who is not public serivce nor military gets $34.99 a month.


Sorry to hear about your injuries and the lack of concern that Fit4Life gave you. When Fit4Life does not care for your injuries it goes to show that lack of empathy they have for their gym members.

It is all about financial gain for Fit4Life and if you have a financial loss, to them it means who cares, I got your money. It is a laugh in your face.

A few times I have seen bad ratings and reviews on social media. Rating was at 4.5. Those post were deleted.

Now their rating is at 4.8. Deleting the problems that your members have does not make the concerns go away.

I canceled my membership three months ago.

Now I have a sign of relieve because I was treated horrible.

It is so sad that Fit4Life is not military friendly!

Go ahead and sue them and expose them to social media because the public needs to know that Fit4Life has a habit of bad deceptive business practices.


When a gym has 1 year or 2 year full payment plan no one should agree to those payment plans just for the reasons you listed above. It best to pay month to month.

Most customers get cheated out of their money and Fit4Life will misrepresent anyone to get money from customers that Fit4Life can take advantage of. Fit4Life lets people workout for free while other members have to pay annual fees along with monthly fees.

We sympathize with you because Fit4Life does not support the military.

We are going through something similar. We had to go somewhere for a short while and we asked the General Manager Blake in Richlands NC could she put a hold on our account and Blake agreed not to charge our account while we were gone.

To our surprise she charged our account. Someone's word should be good enough but in our case it was not. If she had to charge our account Blake should of said so. Shortly our time will be up at Fit4Life Gym.

Since Blake lied, we will no long be coming to Fit4Life Gym.

2 lost Customers

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